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HIMP151 - 150Watt ITE and Medical PSU - 2010-04-13


 Have you ever heard that an internal switching power supply could be operated within a compact package as small as 5 x 3 inch? HIMP151 series, a launched program, meets the stringent marketing demand and this was contributed to the consistency of R&D team’s state-of-the-art technology with perfect performance.

 HIMP151 series is high-density AC to DC switch-mode power supply that delivers up to 150 watts in the industry standard 3 x 5” footprint. It’s compliant with both Information Technology Equipment (ITE, IEC60950-1) and Medical (IEC60601-1), bears the CE mark, conforms to FCC/EN55022 Level B Conducted Emission Standard and increases its flexibility on a variety of applications. Save your efforts and time aimlessly surfing the web. A competitive pricing and quality service are offered right here at HITRON as your best solution against the ITE and Medical applications as well.

 * as small as 3x 5 inch
 * Meet ITE (IEC60950-1) and Medical (IEC60601-1)

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