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HICM50G - 50Watt Green Power Supply - 2015-12-08


We are here to announce a new brand new HICM50G series, 50Watt AC/DC Green PCB format power supply, is successfully developed.

HICM50G series features both ITE (Information Technology Equipment IEC60950-1) and Medical (IEC60601-1).
Specially, HICM50G has a compact standard industrial size 4”x2” and wide operation temperature from -20°C to +50 °C without fan convection. The user can easily install to power on system without considering the ambient temperature in the tough working temperature.

Regarding “ no load power consumption” , HICM50G series meet CEC/ ErP norm (Energy-related Products) request less than 0.3Watt and average efficiency min. 87%. (except 3.3V & 5V). Also, it is a design to cost with competitive price and high reliability either in informative or in medical market.

• 4” x 2” x 1.01” compact size
• No load power consumption <0.3W
• High efficiency up to 88% (except 3.3V & 5V)
• 90-264VAC Universal AC input
• Free air convection
• Built-in Overload and Over voltage protection
• Operating Temp. -20°C to +50 °C without fan convection.

A competitive pricing and quality service are offered right here at HITRON as your best solution against the ITE and Medical applications as well. Specifications and models are available at For the sales and technical support, please contact HiTRON Electronics Corporation:, or (886) 7-8210412.


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