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HEMP252G - 250Watt Green Medical Adaptor - 2015-12-08


After launching HEMG10(10W, desktop type), HEMG24(24W, desktop type), HEMG40(40W, desktop type), HEMG49 (50W, desktop type) , and HEMP150G (150W, desktop type) five series of Medical-ITE use green adaptors, HiTRON is here to introduce this AC/DC Medical-ITE use green adaptor line HEMP252G series, a 250Watt AC-DC Green Power adaptor.

HEMP252G series feature both ITE(IEC60950-1) and Medical (IEC60601-1) standard, processes very low "No Load Power Consumption" less than 0.5W, up to 89% of high efficiency at 12V and comply with International Efficiency Marking Protocol Level V.

HEMP252G have 90-264 VAC universal input range with PFC function which comply with the harmonic requirement per EN61000-3-2. HEMP252G series offer 12-48V output voltage range and also fulfill requirements of various electronic equipments. The power density of 3.78W per cubic inch. Using the standard IEC320-C14 AC receptacle, HEMP252G have earth ground pin, can effectively prevent users from electrical shock. Output protection features include overvoltage, overload and short circuit.

◆ 90-264VAC Universal AC input
◆ Meet both of Medical IEC60601-1 and ITE IEC60950-1
◆ Fanless design in size dimension 190x95x48mm
◆ Working temp. from 0 to +40 deg. C.
◆ High efficiency up to 89% at 12V output.
◆ Built-in active PFC function. PF>0.96
◆ No load power consumption<0.5W
◆ Built-in Overload, Over voltage and Over temperature protection
◆ EMI Meet EN55011 & EN55022 / FCC CLASS B

A competitive pricing and quality service are offered right here at HITRON as your best solution against the ITE and Medical applications as well. Specifications and models are available at For the sales and technical support, please contact HiTRON Electronics Corporation:, or (886) 7-8210412.


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